AFI Film Festival Director Praises Kristen; New York Film Festival Director Talks About Kristen!

In a recent interview with, AFI Film Festival director, Jessica Lyanga briefly mention about Kristen.

Julianne Moore from Still Alice will be there and that’s another great performance from Kristen Stewart.

Also, New York Film Festival director, Kent Jones talks about Kristen’s eagerness about making the movie. He told Filmlinc.

But Kristen Stewart and I had never met and she did the press conference [for Assayas’s Clouds of Sils Maria]. She was not just articulate but eager and excited by the idea of talking about the making of the movie. The movie is really very special to her. She doesn’t have the chance to work that way with American filmmakers. And that was great.

I’m really grateful that Kristen’s performance is getting recognised!

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