A Matured Woman In The Making

Kristen Stewart has been receiving end of the media for a long time. The media has often labeled her as mean and rude .Some even state that she tries to stay away from the paparazzi. Well, a part of it is true as Kristen had confessed earlier that she is not comfortable in front of the media. She feels bogged down by the constant media glare and with all the attention. Kristen does feel lost in the glitzy world of glamour .

However Kristen has been fighting a lone battle against the media to prove that she is not mean .Kristen recently commented “My public image tells me that I got to behave in a certain manner however its difficult as you will never get the chance to reveal what kind of person you are”. In an interview to U.K. Daily Telegraph she added “It is easier for a man to say what he feels like and be funny and witty at the same time ,however you get labeled as a “bitch “if you are not a strong woman.“Kristen seem to be like a little girl lost in the woods as she remains quite confused about herself Kristen commented “often I am asked at interviews about myself but I can hardly say anything as I hardly know myself”

Kristen wants to prove that though she just prefers to stay away from the paparazzi she is not a mean girl. She is someone with a strong personality. Well Kristen! seems like you have matured a lot when it comes to handling media attention.

Source: Peace FM Online

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