Kristen for ‘Interview’ Magazine Photoshoots

Here are some non scans photoshoots of Kristen and Juliette pose for ‘Interview’ magazine. I’ve added them to the gallery. Check it out!

Kristen Arriving at Narita Airport HQ Photos (08/28)

Kristen Stewart has spotted earlier departing Narita Airport, here are some new high quality of the funky looking Kristen touches down LAX Airport on August 28, 2014. Kristen looks tired tho. But well, enjoy these candids :)

Kristen Arrives at LAX Airport - August 28

Kristen Arrives at LAX Airport - August 28 Kristen Arrives at LAX Airport - August 28 Kristen Arrives at LAX Airport - August 28 Kristen Arrives at LAX Airport - August 28 Kristen Arrives at LAX Airport - August 28 Kristen Arrives at LAX Airport - August 28

Kristen Stewart for ‘Vanity Fair’ France Mag Photoshoots

Although we have seen these photoshoots many times in scans, now they have become available in professional shots. Check out the non scan photoshoot of Kristen poses for Vanity Fair Magazine. Remember to grab a copy in your newstand!


Kristen Stewart Spotted at Narita Airport HQ Photos (08/29)

I’ve added new high quality candids photos of Kristen arriving at Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan on August 29, 2014.

New ‘Still Alice’ Movie Still!

Oh my god! New production still of Kristen in ‘Still Alice’ movie! Kristen looks so funky and gorgeous at the same time and of course always looking forward to the movie! It is all genuine Kristen all over again! Don’t you guys agree? At the sa,e time, enjoy the beautiful still of Kristen!


In case you are still wondering about the sypnosis, it will describe what the movie is about.

Renowned linguistics professor Dr. Alice Howland (the always-extraordinary Julianne Moore, also at the Festival in Maps to the Stars) knows the truth of Bishop’s poetic insight as well as anyone. Diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, Alice learns the art of losing every day.

At first, Alzheimer’s means losing her way around the streets of Manhattan, but soon — far too soon for her husband and three grown children — it’s much more. But even as it puts her marriage to the test, Alice’s new condition does provide the opportunity to reconnect with her youngest daughter, Lydia (Kristen Stewart), with whom she’s never seen eye-to-eye. The fact that Alice is a lifelong student of language and communication proves a powerful resource in her fight against mental decline, but it also means that she has a uniquely troubling understanding of what’s to come.

Jesse Eisenberg on Kristen Stewart: “She’s a great actress”

Jesse has a recent interview with Total Film UK whereby he mentions working with Kristen in American Ultra. Read the below interview quote to find out more!

But now his career is set to skyrocket – because of Batman V Superman, naturally, but also because he’s reteaming with Adventureland co-star Kristen Stewart in action-comedy American Ultra.

Eisenberg speaks even faster than normal, his excitement palpable. “I did months of fight training beforehand, I liked doing it,” he says. “We finished shooting a month ago and it’s very unusual. It begins with a similar tone to Adventureland and then becomes undermined by this very other storyline. We play this young couple who are in this quiet rural area of West Virginia who are both stoners, and then this woman from the CIA comes into this grocery store where I work and tells me that there’s this government program that’s out to kill me – I’ve now been activated to defend myself. Kristen’s my girlfriend and we have to go on the run together. She’s a great actress. She has this low tolerance for her own inauthenticity and will stop takes in the middle if she doesn’t feel she’s being real.”

Adam Brody on Kristen Stewart: ‘She Had A Big Future Though’

During an recent interview with Adam Brody whom has a chat session with the reddit users, he mentioned working with Kristen Stewat in their movie, ‘Land of the Women’ awhile back. Below is the quote from the interview.


‘She was cool, but had on set school so we didn’t really talk much. I could tell she had a big future though.’

Source: Reddit